A lot of people are afraid to fly. To be more specific, the aerophobia suffers one in three. But more people are still constantly passing by the Alicante Airport to catch a flight. Let’s explain what this fear is and try to overcome it.

We begin with a much used data: The airplane is the most secure means of transport. Less chance of accidents and more chance of reaching your destination safe and sound. There is no room for fear.

First of all we advise that you look for help in the people closest to you and try to inform you about everything related to the aircraft. This way you will realize that you are not the only one to whom this happens. You can overcome it without any problem.

Our second tip is to arrive with time at the airport. The more organized you have everything related to the journey the less stress you will suffer and the more calm you will be. That helps  to flee negative thoughts.

Three, your mind rules in this situation. You have to be calm and mentalise yourself in time that you are going to catch a flight. Imagine the moment, from the arrival at the airport to the landing at the destination point.

Once inside the plane distractions. Put on music, read, sleep or even become friends with your next roommate. You never know if you’re in the same situation as you. Or you can just get a good friend.

Tip number five, always sit in the hallway. From the window you will be constantly looking out to control everything that happens. This increases the level of anxiety. The professionals take care of everything working properly, you enjoy.

The sixth and final tip is to fly with the Alicante Airport. We offer the services to the best level and with unbeatable prices. Quality and safety within everyone’s reach. Give the step.

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