How do you know which airport choose to travel to London?

Most major cities have several airports and can be difficult to find the ideal airport for the trip. In some cities like Paris, the choice is often limited to one or two major airports (Le Bourget in the case of the French capital), while in other cities the number of airports is higher. London is one of the busiest airports in Europe due to the influx of private jets, and is surrounded by 14 airports. Therefore, if you are not sure where to go to enjoy Buckingham Palace, or for a business meeting in town, do not miss our article on choosing which airport to travel to London. How to choose the airport for the trip to London? Choosing the …

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The night bodyguard of your car

Perhaps the most quiet time, such as at night, that moment in which we are resting and we have to disconnect from a long day, we may come to mind a curious question: Would my car be sure  in this moment? Because of the tranquility and the low  movements overnight, it becomes the most insecure time for our car. For this simple reason, we must be well informed of where and how will the stay and protection of our vehicle be. VISIBILITY – Many times we look for a parking lot that is located closest to the road to quickly access it and that its location is not complicated. This may be one of the major mistakes when it comes …

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Why you should travel to the Caribbean at least once in life

The Caribbean Islands are known for being one of the most famous destinations in the world for holidays. The sun, the beach, sun and blue sky … And although no one can deny that these are excellent reasons to visit the Caribbean, our aviation geek side is attracted to the islands for a different reason: its airports. Where in the world can see a 747 landing above our heads, feet buried in the sand? Are there other clues which jumped almost can touch the wings of the aircraft? The Caribbean is home to the most impressive the most difficult from a technical point of view for pilots tracks. Saint-Martin and airport SMX The northern part of Saint-Martin is an overseas …

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A flight in a private jet, can be cheaper than a plane ticket?

This is a question that often comes to mind of many fans of flying: “A ticket on a private jet can be in the same price than a normal airplane ticket? To which we reply: “Not often, but sometimes.” Keep in mind, however, it is rare that passengers who opt for private aviation seek savings. For most it means more flexibility, saving time, space, comfort and privacy protection . For all these reasons, the private jet is preferred by people with high purchasing the supply of scheduled airlines. However, in some circumstances, it may actually be cheaper to opt for a private jet. Indeed, although the total cost of a private jet is usually higher, many people are surprised cost …

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What do you need to know if you parking in alicante airport?

If you’re one of the thousands of people who use Spanish airports for your vacation you may want to know how much it would cost to park in a safe parking near Alicante airport. There are so many different options to park your car in Alicante Airport it looks like a complicated task. What do you need to know if you book parking space for  your car at Royal Parking?   SHOULD I CHOOSE SHORT OR  LONG STAY? There are long and short stay parking. Short stay parking are days or weeks and long stay is six months or a year. In half a year you can bring and pick up your car 5 times. In a year you can …

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