Transylvania, visit to Dracula

Transylvania is a historic region located in Romania. It is surrounded by the Carpathians in their entirety. And most important, there lived Dracula. This makes it the epicenter of terror. Valleys and fog form the habitat of the king of darkness. With Halloween just around the corner, you do not feel like enjoying the epicenter of terror? In Bucharest you will find the National History Museum. You will find the portrait of Dracula, known by the name of Vlad Tepes the impaler. Person that was based Bram Stoker to create the character of his novel. Transfagarasan Road is a road of ninety kilometers of curves leading to the Poienari Castle was the royal castle of Dracula. To access it you …

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What are the advantages of first class travel?

Would you like to travel first class? Let’s talk about what this type of flight offers. It is true that it costs more money, but you have at your disposal some privileges that at another price would be impossible to obtain. Traveling by plane is already pretty. But if you can afford a first class flight, do so. When traveling alone you have to think about enjoying. What privileges do I have? You can sit in those reclining leather chairs that make you feel like the sofa in your house. Like it or not, money gives you privileges. These seats are wider and more comfortable than those of other passengers. They allow you to stretch out and enjoy a more …

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Alicante Airport also take care of the local inhabitants

The Alicante Airport does not cease in its effort to continue among the best in Spain. This time we will talk about the measure carried out with which they control the noise levels and the landing and takeoff routes. Due to the latest extension of the extension of its terminal carried out a few years ago, the airport of El Altet finds more and more close to the day to day of the inhabitants and therefore the noise as well. With this measure is intended to reduce noise, bothering the least possible to people and also, continue to advance to gain prestige. This system is located in few airports and the cost of its installation was assumed by AENA. This …

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Alicante Airport is one of the busiest in Europe

During the first semester of 2016 it surpassed in traffic to the main tourist destinations of the national territory and to the main European capitals. This summer has been very positive with a large increase in flights, destinations and influx of people. But they expect to increase their numbers and continue to improve their services. The airport of Alicante registers an increase in the international traffic. This 16’1% increase puts him at the top of the Spanish airports and the second in the European ranking. It only surpasses the airport of Cologne-Bonn of Germany. The Altet has surpassed Malaga, Gran Canaria, Birminghan, Dublin, Barcelona, Istanbul, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. These data only refer to the first half of 2016 (from January …

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Are you afraid to fly? We help you.

A lot of people are afraid to fly. To be more specific, the aerophobia suffers one in three. But more people are still constantly passing by the Alicante Airport to catch a flight. Let’s explain what this fear is and try to overcome it. We begin with a much used data: The airplane is the most secure means of transport. Less chance of accidents and more chance of reaching your destination safe and sound. There is no room for fear. First of all we advise that you look for help in the people closest to you and try to inform you about everything related to the aircraft. This way you will realize that you are not the only one to …

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