Looking for a different plan for your Christmas vacation? Christmas parties are just around the corner. We always talk about how important it is to travel having everything planned well in advance. That is why, from the Alicante Airport, we have started to suggest and encourage you to travel in such a special time and to enjoy other places. We have several suggestions of where you can fly to see how it is celebrated and what atmosphere is breathed outside of your country.

The North Pole: If you want to meet Santa Claus you have the opportunity to do it in Lapland, a region of Finland. It is one of the coldest places in the world, as it is where the North Pole divides. Imagine a site full of wooden houses, a toy factory and a post office full of letters from children asking for their gifts. And not only that, Santa Claus is waiting for you there. You will talk to him and congratulate you on the holidays.

Vienna: If you like classical music and every year you watch the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, you are obliged to travel to the Austrian capital this year. It is very difficult to get an entrance, but you can always enjoy the magnificent show in the square of the Vienna City Hall with thousands of people on the big screen. In addition, if you want to enjoy snowy landscapes, winter markets and stroll through the streets that are a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO this is your site.

There are all sorts of ways to enjoy the Christmas holidays

Jerusalem: In case you want to soak in religion, see where the baby Jesus was born, visit the Crib Square and attend the mass of the Santa Catalina cock you also have the opportunity. Thousands of people attend this event by pilgrimage to the Field of Pastors and visiting the Basilica of the Nativity built in 335d.C.

Australia: This last destination we recommend is the most atypical. There Christmas is celebrated on the beaches of Oceania, with barbecues, fireworks and a party until the next day in swimsuit and flip-flops. The weather in the Christmas season is very summery. It is the furthest away from the usual routine and isolates you from the stress of preparations and allows you to experience other types of culture and traditions. Santa Claus also arrives in Australia, but his look is more summery. Shirt straps, shorts, hat and a kangaroo instead of reindeer. He also distributes gifts to children and is called Swag Man.

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