Air Routes, what are they?

We ride on a plane, we fly to our destination and when we get off we do not wonder if we have strayed from the road, how we arrived at the exact time and why the pilots have not been lost along the way. It’s funny to imagine that the copilot carries a wagon paper map or goes with google maps looking and indicating to the captain if they are on the right track. But the reality is much more professional and has many more people behind all this work. The reason we always arrive at our destination is the Air Routes. These are routes distributed in the airspace by which the navigation conforms to the flight plans. Through them …

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4 destinations to fly this Christmas

Looking for a different plan for your Christmas vacation? Christmas parties are just around the corner. We always talk about how important it is to travel having everything planned well in advance. That is why, from the Alicante Airport, we have started to suggest and encourage you to travel in such a special time and to enjoy other places. We have several suggestions of where you can fly to see how it is celebrated and what atmosphere is breathed outside of your country. The North Pole: If you want to meet Santa Claus you have the opportunity to do it in Lapland, a region of Finland. It is one of the coldest places in the world, as it is where …

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Can minors travel alone?

This question will surely be asked by many families who want their children to travel for study or travel to visit friends and family. From the Airport of Alicante we recommend that you always travel with your parents and enjoy together the experience of visiting new places. But there are always times when it is not possible and the child should travel alone. Here we will solve all your doubts about this type of situations: In case the minor travel alone must only meet several requirements: Must be at least 5 years old and must provide the name of the responsible guardian in origin, his address and a contact telephone number. In addition, you must also inform us about the …

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The 4 cultural trips that you should do throughout your life.

Next we will advise you four trips that you should do. Alicante Airport has many destinations in which beauty floods its culture. Flights to enjoy first class architecture and art. First we will talk about the nearest, Granada and its Alhambra. One of the great beauties of the south of the Iberian Peninsula occupies the sixteenth place of the world and the sixth of Europe. The Alhambra really is a city within another city formed by palaces, gardens and a fortress. It presides over the Andalusian town at the top of the hill of Sabika and from the outside one already contemplates its majesty. This Monumental Complex is made up of several areas: the Alcazaba, the Generalife Nazaríes Palaces, the …

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The 5 things you need to know for your first flight by plane

If you have never flown from Alicante Airport you should be calm. Taking a plane is just a simple process. The best way to carry out a journey. To avoid mistakes, we will review the basic aspects of what you should have under control in your trip. The first step is to have full control of your luggage and belongings, they will travel with you and you will need them when you arrive at your destination. Do not self-feist with fears or worries, just get organized and leave everything clear to travel with everything you need to enjoy a good vacation. The rest do the professionals of the Airport of Alicante. The second is to get in advance to the …

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The 3 things you should know about traveling in low season

It ends the summer and with it the months of crowds to embark, the long lines to get on the plane and the highest prices of the year. In Alicante Airport there is always activity, but in high season the pace is frantic. We are going to give you several reasons why you should consider traveling in low season. The first, of course, everyone takes into account is the price. Money on vacation flies from the wallet, no matter where or how, but flies. The normal thing is to think about saving you some money when choosing a flight and a destination. In low season you can find lower prices and all kinds of offers with which to enjoy a …

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If you plan to take a long trip you must know the risks involved and how to combat them. From the Airport of Alicante we invite you to travel as much as you can and we also help you to do it in the most comfortable and healthy way possible. A very common case is “Tourist class syndrome”. This syndrome emerged in the late 1990s to detect that if you travel long-lasting aircraft increases the chances of thrombosis. Thrombosis is the formation of clots inside the blood vessel that cause swelling, pain or even the typical tingling that you feel when you sleep some extremity. The chances of this happening also increase in the case of not maintaining a healthy …

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Two countries to travel as a couple

You want to do a trip with your couple and you do not know where to go. From Alicante Airport we recommend two countries that you must visit and visit places that overflow romanticism. You will enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 1. France. We started with Paris. To the French capital they call it the city of love, must be a reason why. It is present in thousands of romantic films. You can enjoy landmarks such as the Pont des Arts and the Eiffel Tower. You have the possibility to travel to Corsica and enjoy its landscapes. If you want to know other places you can travel to Carcassonne and know its medieval constructions, its walls and its castle. The gate …

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Eat on the plane, some things you do not know.

Eating on the plane is commonplace if you are traveling on a medium or long-term basis. Next, let’s talk about some things you may not know about this. Some doubts are very widespread and it is necessary to talk about this topic. A doubt that all the passengers of a flight have is if they can bill their own food as carry-on luggage and thus be able to eat on the plane. For health reasons should not be possible, since the food served on the aircraft meets special conservation standards. They are prepared and packaged in a vacuum and refrigerated. They prevent it from getting into bad condition and that microorganisms are spread. Once inside the airplane they are cooked …

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