We ride on a plane, we fly to our destination and when we get off we do not wonder if we have strayed from the road, how we arrived at the exact time and why the pilots have not been lost along the way.

It’s funny to imagine that the copilot carries a wagon paper map or goes with google maps looking and indicating to the captain if they are on the right track. But the reality is much more professional and has many more people behind all this work.

The reason we always arrive at our destination is the Air Routes. These are routes distributed in the airspace by which the navigation conforms to the flight plans. Through them circulate the airplanes assuring a route and with it a security. In this virtual path, scale points are established to avoid any collision.

Commercial airplanes before taking off carry out a flight plan which specifies the way forward. The control towers are informed of this plan and are in charge of communicating with all the airplanes to guarantee a placid and safe trip.

Air traffic controllers monitor all aircraft in the air by means of a radar. In addition, the GPS that is incorporated in the airplane has constant advances that improve its accuracy. Currently working with a system called EGNOS, which has a margin of only 2 meters. That is, it is the most accurate there is.

These plans take into account possible diversions and alternative routes or emergency stops. This covers all the alternatives and prevents incidents. Therefore, not always the way to the airport of arrival is fast. The other flights are taken into account and roads are traced where nothing bad can happen.

This explanation is simplified so that the work behind each trip is known. In the end, flying is like driving on the road, the important thing is to arrive and do it in perfect conditions. Trust the workers of Alicante Airport and those around the world and enjoy your holidays.

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