If you have never flown from Alicante Airport you should be calm. Taking a plane is just a simple process. The best way to carry out a journey. To avoid mistakes, we will review the basic aspects of what you should have under control in your trip.

The first step is to have full control of your luggage and belongings, they will travel with you and you will need them when you arrive at your destination. Do not self-feist with fears or worries, just get organized and leave everything clear to travel with everything you need to enjoy a good vacation. The rest do the professionals of the Airport of Alicante.

The second is to get in advance to the airport, approximately 2 hours earlier. This way, long lines are avoided when checking-in, that is, presenting the documentation and the ticket purchased, choosing the seat you want to occupy on the plane – a carpet or window – and organize your luggage according to whether you go To carry a hand bag or if you will also have to weigh and check another bag.

In order to avoid any inconvenience when passing the Check-in, you have to take into account several factors:

-If you are going to fly to destinations that are part of the European Union it is enough to carry some document whose origin is the European borders (DNI, Driver’s License, Residence Permit of one of the States or passport) .

-In the opposite case you must have the valid ID or Passport.

If you meet these requirements you have no problem to travel and enjoy your vacation

Once this process is finished and you have your boarding pass, you can access the boarding area, full of shops, restaurants, etc. You will also find “Duty Free” stores where the products or services offered are completely tax-free and tax-free for passengers.

Finally you will have to access the boarding gates, in which you have to present yourself at the time agreed by the company that hired at the time of invoicing. Once you have passed these formalities you will be on the plane, so relax and enjoy the journey and the destination. After all the first time has not been so difficult, right ?.

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