This question will surely be asked by many families who want their children to travel for study or travel to visit friends and family. From the Airport of Alicante we recommend that you always travel with your parents and enjoy together the experience of visiting new places. But there are always times when it is not possible and the child should travel alone. Here we will solve all your doubts about this type of situations:

In case the minor travel alone must only meet several requirements:

Must be at least 5 years old and must provide the name of the responsible guardian in origin, his address and a contact telephone number. In addition, you must also inform us about the person in charge at the place of destination next to your address and telephone. The rest of documents are those that in any case a passenger needs in normal conditions, passport or visa, DNI, the Disclaimer (document in which the legal document confirms that an adult will pick up the minor upon arrival at the airport).

This type of procedure allows the minor to receive the necessary care before boarding, such as the company of an airport worker, attention to the billing, delivery of the child at the airport of the destination and assistance in case of transhipments.

We also recommend that the legal guardian do not leave the airport until the aircraft is confirmed and that the child is given a copy of the contact phone number of both parties (origin and destination). There are sometimes groups of minors traveling together in charge of airline personnel and have leisure areas at airports to keep them waiting.

In the case of prices, although each company offers its own rates, the standard is that children do not pay anything until 2 years and from this age until 11 enjoy a 50% discount. From 12 the price of the ticket is equal to that of an adult.

On the other hand, if you decide that you prefer that the child is accompanied, the person in charge of this task must be a minimum of 16 years. There are companies whose requirements are exceptions, in which the companion can be at least 14 years old.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some low cost airlines do not have this service, so it is advisable to look more at security than at the price to pay.

Following all these indications your child will travel without any problem with the service of companion for children and will arrive safe and sound to the place to which it wishes to travel.

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