Generally, the main connections that are made between major airports and the city center are by bus, taxi, train, bus or subway. Most of the world’s airports are quite modern at this point, almost all have the same function.

For example, now that the terminal of Madrid has its hotline up and running, I can not think of a single major airport in Europe that does not have a good system fast, cheap public transport and effective for you between the airport and downtown from the city.

Well, maybe Venice airport where you can enjoy a long and romantic (and expensive) taxi ride just the Plaza de San Marcos, that despite the cost, it is truly exciting and very convenient to get to Venice. You could also use the bus from Piazzale Roma.

How to find a airport website

Well, it’s simple. You can always just Google Do, or try the local or national office of tourism.

Most airports have accessible sites on the Internet, often with English version available, including all useful telephone numbers of the terminal, maps and details on the methods of public transportation connecting the airport with the local center city.
For best shuttle downtown from the airport (or, put another way, how to get to the airport from the city center), the best resource is not always the local tourist office.

Rather, the best way to find out about all transportation options from the airport, as high-speed trains, local buses or taxis for airport transfers are usually dedicated to providing this type of information portals. The easily you find if you are looking for a bit.

The best sites even detailing every method of transportation (taxi, train, metro, shuttle bus, etc.), costs, how long each method takes, and provides links to (or at least phone numbers) companies They provide each service.

Private transfers airport

Interestingly, you can often get a private transfer from the airport to your hotel for about 15-30 € (although in some places the rates are much higher).

This is usually only slightly more than the cost of local public transport, but for some reason, much less than taxis or car services may charge airport.

The only drawback: you have to book this service in advance (although, as you know when your flight is scheduled to arrive anyway, this is not a big thing to do.

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