Air transport is the order of the day for a huge amount of people who need to travel for too long as other means of transport. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, park your car in the airport car park may be the solution to the insecurity can suffer day after day away from your car. Here are some reasons to park your car or motorbike in our parking at Alicante Airport can solve you many problems.

Park your car in the parking Alicante airport and not depend on others

If you use public transport, a taxi or get you close relative, you are relying on someone else to reach the airport. It is no secret that public transport may be unreliable, just when you need it, and although it is usually only a minor inconvenience, if the bus or train is not on time when you are about to catch a flight runs the risk loosing your flight.

On the other hand, airlines are often very reluctant to reimburse missed flights, and often only option will be to pay for a seat on another flight or just stay home. If, however, choose to park your car in our parking from Alicante airport, will enjoy the tranquility of having your own transport vehicle, you are in command.

Any unforeseen, the solution is easy

Why always the case when we need to have all our belongings ready for the trip, we forget something essential ? From cell and wallets boarding passes and passports, it seems that the most important things disappears in a hurry.

Drive your car and take advantage of our parking facilities at the airport of Alicante means you can easily drive yourself home if you have forgotten something and is much more likely to not miss your flight.

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