Would you like to travel first class? Let’s talk about what this type of flight offers. It is true that it costs more money, but you have at your disposal some privileges that at another price would be impossible to obtain.

Traveling by plane is already pretty. But if you can afford a first class flight, do so. When traveling alone you have to think about enjoying.

What privileges do I have?

You can sit in those reclining leather chairs that make you feel like the sofa in your house. Like it or not, money gives you privileges. These seats are wider and more comfortable than those of other passengers. They allow you to stretch out and enjoy a more relaxed flight.

There are fewer people in that area of ​​the plane, so less noise. The atmosphere is private and you can escape more easily. You can read, watch a movie or listen to music without disturbing anyone and without being disturbed.

The price of the ticket includes all the food and drink you ingest in the flight. In addition, the menus are special. You can enjoy eating a sirloin or any type of menu as a restaurant.

In the case of the television or the computer, it depends on the price and the airline you hire. But you can have the possibility to watch TV with a screen just for you. Or in the worst case you have a bigger television than on the rest of the flights.

In the case of the staff you can say that you will be treated like a king. The service is more personal and attentive. You have auxiliaries that are dedicated only to the first class area. You have your own toilet, VIP lounges with internet, massages and all kinds of privileges.

Finally, you can carry more kilos of luggage by paying more. And you have preference when you check in, board, land and get your bags.

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