You want to do a trip with your couple and you do not know where to go. From Alicante Airport we recommend two countries that you must visit and visit places that overflow romanticism. You will enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

1. France. We started with Paris. To the French capital they call it the city of love, must be a reason why. It is present in thousands of romantic films. You can enjoy landmarks such as the Pont des Arts and the Eiffel Tower. You have the possibility to travel to Corsica and enjoy its landscapes.

If you want to know other places you can travel to Carcassonne and know its medieval constructions, its walls and its castle. The gate of Narbonne and the Aude and walk through its beautiful gardens until you reach the Basilica of Saint Nazaire.

Third is Strasbourg. Few things are as romantic as walking its streets and enjoying the dance and literature that envelops its culture. Its rural aspect makes it a peaceful destination and away from the crowds.

2.Italy. The art that gives off in all its places make it a place that every couple wants to go. We recommend you travel to Manarola, a town on the Italian Riviera that houses part of Heritage Humanity, Cinque Terre. In it is the way of love (Via dell’Amore). Crossing one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Europe is incredible.

In order not to lose contact with the sea we will also talk about Venice. It can be said that it is the Paris of Italy. It is full of lovers strolling its streets and squares and filling its gondola canals. In addition, you have the opportunity to cross the Bridge of Sighs.

Needless to say, Roma is a mandatory stop on this route. La Fontanadi Trevi, Ponte Milvio crossing the River Tiber and the charm of the city at night. Nor can you overlook the Orange Garden, from which you can see the sunset.

We can not forget Romeo and Juliet and its wonderful Verona. Take a break and get to know the balcony from which the Capuleto appeared to speak with his Montesco.

These are some of the cities and a few places you can visit. But the list is endless. Enjoy this and more. It does not have to be Valentine’s Day to make a trip with the person you love.

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