Transylvania is a historic region located in Romania. It is surrounded by the Carpathians in their entirety. And most important, there lived Dracula. This makes it the epicenter of terror. Valleys and fog form the habitat of the king of darkness. With Halloween just around the corner, you do not feel like enjoying the epicenter of terror?

In Bucharest you will find the National History Museum. You will find the portrait of Dracula, known by the name of Vlad Tepes the impaler. Person that was based Bram Stoker to create the character of his novel.

Transfagarasan Road is a road of ninety kilometers of curves leading to the Poienari Castle was the royal castle of Dracula. To access it you must climb 1,426 steps and you will see the astonishing landscape that is in the Carpathians. This castle was built by order of Vlad Tepes and was made as a fortress.

Bran Castle was the temporary residence of this prince when it was attacked in his fortress of Poienari. Although no event occurred in that place, it is now a tourist icon. It is fully restored inside. Its towers and its appearance and its mysterious aspect between the mountains and the forest.

To feel part of the story

Sighisoara is a World Heritage Site for being the birthplace of Dracula. Vlad was born there, next to the square of this citadel. It is currently the biggest tourist attraction and you can enjoy the midnight ritual. When twelve o’clock in the evening, seven figures appear in the Clock Tower.
Finally, you can spend the night at Hotel Castel Drácula. Exact point where the writer located the house of the character in his book. Inside you can not only rent a room and spend the night. You can also visit Dracula’s room. Going down to the basement with the only candlelight you get to the vampire’s grave.

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