One of the most common problems with long-distance travel is the phenomenon known worldwide as “Jet Lag”

Given the proximity of the airport of Alicante and Royal parking facilities, we have become daily witness to see how planes go to all destinations with all kinds of different nationalities.
The effects of Jet Lag are extensive and vary a lot depending on each person that is why the advice I give here is not totally help for fight against time differences but however you may find with these remedies some information which can help you during the flight. The most common symptoms are united apathy, mental and physical exhaustion can make you feel sleepy throughout the day. The problems for sleeping due to the new site arrival times are usually the most common causes for insomnia, which can develop into other symptoms such as feeling irritable, being tired during daylight hours, lack of appetite, these things which we should not let win the battle in our business or leisure travel.

In what direction I’m traveling?

To start taking action, you first need to know which direction you travel as there are conditions that depend on if you go from east to west or otherwise
If we go from west to east we are wasting minutes, causes that our daily habits are affected. If we do the contrary we are getting minutes. Changes to travel from East to West are usually lighter although the councils to adopt exactly the same.
1.-If you travel east or in the same direction as the Earth rotates during the week before the trip can put your alarm an hour before that you wake up normally and recover this time an hour before being in bed . If the purpose of your trip is in contrast to the Earth’s rotation, instead of decreasing an hour we will increase in our habits.
2. During the night before your trip, it is ideal to have a dream conditions, ie, sleep at least 8 hours to feel good with the necessary forces to tackle a flight conditions involving jet lag.
Are you a person of established customs and do not like change?
As mentioned earlier, each person is unique and symptoms that can suffer two passengers on the same journey under the same conditions do not have to be the same, but if you do a long journey before thinking about buying tickets:
3.-. Make a scale of one to two days before you arrive at your destination. That will help you adapt to the schedule of a gradual and natural way, where the time change is fragmented and the impact will not be as great. Today you search for flights at the best price has become an art, there are many destinations that require us to make these stops to change planes. If is not your case, you can find so be doing different combinations, indeed, perhaps even your journey you get something cheaper. can take to meet another city where discover, learn and create new memories.


Once inside the plane and begin the journey…

During the great journey that awaits you, make your seat a comfortable space in which to go and you’ll be sitting for many hours, do not despair and try to squeeze those hours to productive things, this is the time to:

4. Change the time of your watch to understand that time is no longer the place of departure

5. Try to set the hours of sleep during the journey, that is, if when you get should be sleeping, try to accommodate you carrying a small pillow and some earplugs. If you should be awake, take reading material, information of your destination for more and better to where you are headed, hobbies, do some tasks….

6. If you’re going to land at night, avoid coffee, caffeinated sodas, tea … none of this will help you sleep because they will keep you active.

7. During the trip, walk, do stretches that do not disturb other passengers such as, say nodded gently 20 times, then another 20 times saying no and 20 others touched your ear with his shoulder corresponding so that we help the circulation of blood and irrigation are not affected

8. When you want to drink something forget alcohol. Because you will not want to feel bad for a journey of several hours where you can not leave the plane. Also alcohol causes dehydration and favors the appearance of fatigue . Stay hydrated. It is recommendable to drink plenty of water during the journey.


Be one more in the culture of your country.

9. Not only the time is different when you arrive. Customs, habits, and times vary depending on where we are. Accommodate with the rest adapting the hours spent on lunch and dinner at local manner toward and times of rest and sleep.

10. Get outside, with the sun tries to nourish your body and your mind will thank you after a lot of flight hours. stretches well your muscles, make the formalities of transfers, accommodation and other calmly, known around your seating without the ambition to win you better let the long views and plans, but unforgettable can be stressful for the next day of your arrival.

11. In Royal Parking we do not want to recommend any drug or similar, if you are interested in these methods you can always consult your doctor or specialist to see if it is a viable method by which to decide. To find out the best method if you need to sleep during the journey could be in particular infusion helps you, this may be all you need to take.

Do not forget to keep a positive attitude, enjoy your trip. We wish you a happy experience.

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