If you plan to take a long trip you must know the risks involved and how to combat them. From the Airport of Alicante we invite you to travel as much as you can and we also help you to do it in the most comfortable and healthy way possible.

A very common case is “Tourist class syndrome”. This syndrome emerged in the late 1990s to detect that if you travel long-lasting aircraft increases the chances of thrombosis.

Thrombosis is the formation of clots inside the blood vessel that cause swelling, pain or even the typical tingling that you feel when you sleep some extremity. The chances of this happening also increase in the case of not maintaining a healthy life and in good health.

Although initially believed to be due to the small space between the seats of the tourist class, it was really shown that it also influences the fact that the legs are not exercised for a long time.

Here’s what to do to avoid this disease:

-Move yourself during the flight. Do exercises with your legs constantly.

– Avoid having your legs hanging or bent over when you’re sitting.

“Do not cross your legs.

“You probably stop at such a long trip.” Therefore, use to walk.

“Drink plenty of water and forget about alcohol.”

– Dress in comfortable clothing during the flight.

“Always switch the aisle seats.”

-In case of sleeping prevents one extremity from impeding the blood circulation of the other.

– Request a medical checkup before embarking on the trip.

– Walk  also along the aisle of the plane from time to time.

-Uses cold cream to avoid heat and with it the swelling and tiredness.

Finally, and in extreme cases, use elastic compression stockings that favor the circulation or take the antiplatelet drug prescribed by your doctor.

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