Perhaps the most quiet time, such as at night, that moment in which we are resting and we have to disconnect from a long day, we may come to mind a curious question: Would my car be sure  in this moment?

Because of the tranquility and the low  movements overnight, it becomes the most insecure time for our car. For this simple reason, we must be well informed of where and how will the stay and protection of our vehicle be.


– Many times we look for a parking lot that is located closest to the road to quickly access it and that its location is not complicated. This may be one of the major mistakes when it comes to park our vehicle because not stop to think where our car will be  parked , and you in  majority of cases, do not look inside the parking.

Good security starts with good visibility. During the day the sun is responsible for illuminating the parking areas and permit us to locate a vehicle quickly through cameras and security staff, but our overnight parking must be sufficiently enlightened to achieve the same result precision. Thus, we must ensure that the parking has chosen a good night lighting.



– In large parking areas where there may be around 1,200 to 2,600 vehicles, camera surveillance is not enough to cover much territory. For this simple reason, we have to park our car in a parking lot that offers performance surveillance camera with a night guard, that guarantees maximum safety and tranquility.

In the field of protection, we have two different types of security guards. The first one offers us a drive monitoring during periods of time both externally and internally, quite common in parking where the capacity is lower than others. On the other hand we have a surveillance standing next to a trained dog physically, offering greater coverage of vision both externally and internally. The latter is also responsible for preparing and leading the the dogs during the long nights of surveillance, as in some parking have more than 2 or even 3 dogs.

With these simple tips will be easier to choose a parking of the highest quality when we have to travel for a long period.

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