It ends the summer and with it the months of crowds to embark, the long lines to get on the plane and the highest prices of the year. In Alicante Airport there is always activity, but in high season the pace is frantic. We are going to give you several reasons why you should consider traveling in low season.

The first, of course, everyone takes into account is the price. Money on vacation flies from the wallet, no matter where or how, but flies. The normal thing is to think about saving you some money when choosing a flight and a destination.

In low season you can find lower prices and all kinds of offers with which to enjoy a vacation or a quick getaway.

The second is tranquility. As we said before, traveling in months like June, July or August can be astounding. Everyone has vacations in that time and decide to catch a plane and get away from the routine, which causes unbearable agglomerations.

However, in the months after that time, there is less influx of people, more trips for work or even studies and it is when it can be easier to find an airplane that will take you to your destination without any inconvenience.

On the other hand is the place that you travel, that surely also has a more relaxed atmosphere and in which you can enjoy tourism practically in exclusivity. It allows you to see and enjoy all the places you want in the city.

You will be able to go to emblematic places of the cities that you want to fly without having to queue, as well as to eat or to dine in restaurants without making reservations or to wait for some table to be left free and to be able to walk through the center of the city without crashing constantly With people and avoiding stumbling.

Thirdly, it is advisable to prepare a trip in advance. But in the off-season and taking into account all the factors we’ve talked about before, you can commit the madness of making a trip from one day to another. You have the opportunity to travel a weekend that you want and you can because of the greater availability of seats and empty hotel rooms.

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