Whenever we travel with our pet, whether for a long trip or a simple 15-minute drive, we must take into account a number of safety guidelines. No longer just for the sake of our mascot, for our physical integrity and that of other people.

A distant displacement may require traveling with our pet. Before leaving with our pet, both inside and outside our city, it is advisable to take into account a good planning, to go to our veterinarian before the flight, to try that our pet does not suffer dizziness during the trip by plane, to embark with a company Aerial that admits our mascot and to know its norms, since according to the company that we use, they can vary.

Royal Parking wants to give you some small tips to travel with your pet, which can help us to be calmer during our trip.


Plan with enough time a vet check


Our pet must be in good health when preparing to travel by plane. We assume that we will be up-to-date on vaccines, deworming, microchip, primer and passport of our pet. We will check at home and at the airport that everything is correct for an uncomplicated trip. However, dog health problems can occur at the destination; It is advisable to locate a clinic with emergency service and note address and contact phone number.

Do not forget that in the European Union, it is mandatory that our pet has a microchip. On flights between EU countries, the passport is also required and the airport authorities must, in any case, review the health documentation of our pet. We must have everything handy and in order on arrival at the airport to avoid unpleasant unforeseen problems during boarding.


Tips to avoid dizziness while traveling by plane


It is very simple that our pet gets dizzy on the plane if we do not help a little with a few simple tips. One of the main tips is to prevent when our pet eats , it should not have taken food for at least four hours prior to the flight. Experts on traveling with pets recommend a moderate water intake, because too much can be detrimental to our pet if it is prone to seasickness. There are several types of medicines that help to combat the dizziness of the pet, we can find natural remedies that will be even more economical and effective than the medications, but always controlling that our pet does not affect them and having consulted our veterinarian beforehand .


Travel rules on the plane for our pet


The norms and requirements of travel within the airport, may depend on the company with which we travel. Therefore, we must be sure that we have all the information necessary to not have any type of problem when it comes to boarding our pet. This type of information can be found on the website of the flight company or at any information point within the airport.

Companies like Iberia or Vueling allow pets up to 8 kilos in their flight cabinets, Air France only allows pets under six kilos travel with the owners. In other companies, where the rules are a bit more stringent, for example, easyJet or Ryanair do not allow pets in their cabins, unless they are guide dogs, it is the only exception within the airport service.

Once these tips are detailed to guarantee a comfortable and quiet trip with our pet, we will review the essential points so that everything is perfect on arrival at the airport.

1. Book in advance and always inform your traveling company with a pet.

2. The pet’s vaccination card must be current.

3. Our pet must be fully and correctly identified: remember that the microchip is mandatory in the European Union.

4. Ensure that in the destination city we have emergency veterinarian, and have your phone number and address.

5. To give sufficient time to the airport for the authorities to review all the documentation and allow us to board.

6. Remember to check the rules and requirements of your flight company, and that are variable in each company.

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