If your destination or point of departure is the Alicante Airport and need to leave your car in a parking long stay or for a few days, you should make the best choice to choose parking for your car.

Do not go to the airport or come and collect your car by foot, we will drive to the airport in spacious vehicles with room for numerous households, but without giving up a range in which you and your family will have to be mentally prepared and that your journey begins very soon because we are only minutes from the airport! A new destination, a visit, a business to close or return to the land where you were born are some of the reasons to travel and leave your car with us.

Royal Parking offer all kinds of solutions if you want a place where you leave your car waiting that besides the 24-hour driver you return, such as cleaning services so that when you pick up your car you find your car even better than when you left after being treated as it deserves by professional hands in the matter and satisfaction that the customer will feel.

Looking for a parking for your bike?

The parking rarely care about the bikers, not when providing information, but also in providing exclusive spaces dedicated to care for your motorcycle. Within our indoor hall, there are two designated areas, closed and covered with any external element that may occur. Rain, shine, snow or shine, your bike will be in a safe environment where even spend long periods of time without deterioration seizes paint or metal parts for unbeatable conditions that your two-wheeled friend the road is ready and ready to run kilometers without losing a minimum of charisma that defined when you left safe with us.

The best decision

From this time on we see as summer approaches with a rise in temperatures, demand for flights from the airport of Alicante increases because we are both a tourist destination. As a residence for a large population of foreign citizens are living as other neighbors over here. That is why the need for safe parking spaces has increased. Great news for business of course, but it also means that there must be greater efficiency by staff working to protect your car, in addition to safe and able entire infrastructure is equipped with parking facilities. Even we do not think to leave our car to sleep many nights the attention to take care of our cars is important to us.

Many businesses in the sector tend to have problems due to lack of personnel 24 hours physically, by outdated security measures or for infrastructures. Happen that your car is not always found in the same area in which you left your car and ordered parking space.

Royal Parking we offer over 40,000 square meters where you can store your car inside the premises, areas limited by the nature of the vehicles and a staff attendance for 365 days of the year all hours of the day. What more can you ask for parking when you fly from Alicante airport?

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