The Alicante Airport does not cease in its effort to continue among the best in Spain. This time we will talk about the measure carried out with which they control the noise levels and the landing and takeoff routes.

Due to the latest extension of the extension of its terminal carried out a few years ago, the airport of El Altet finds more and more close to the day to day of the inhabitants and therefore the noise as well. With this measure is intended to reduce noise, bothering the least possible to people and also, continue to advance to gain prestige.

This system is located in few airports and the cost of its installation was assumed by AENA. This expense can be considered an investment, since this will avoid sanctioning measures.

It should be noted that it is active 24 hours a day. It picks up all the noise levels and works together with the systems of information collection of the radars of the airport to know the flight plans and to create a database. This study covers 48 kilometers of the area surrounding the airport.

Noise measurement terminals are strategically located.

At present they have 5 fixed terminals and 1 mobile. The mobile varies of position in the same airport, while the rest are fixed in the following areas:

Bonavista Housing Development

Torrellano industrial park


El Altet


In addition, the relevant personnel perform Strategic Noise Maps, that is, a tool that evaluates the overall noise exposure of the airport and surrounding areas. With this, it seeks to constantly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants around.

In its Web page, Aena has the strategic map and the solution of doubts about the operation of the system available to any interested party.

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