France is one of the busiest destinations in Europe, attracts many travelers, whether for business or pleasure. With beautiful scenery and a culture and world-renowned cuisine, France concentrates on its airports every day to countless travelers, and today we will analyze its airports.

Paris-Le Bourget airport is the most private traffic in France and Europe

Frequented by both French and foreign, Paris is both a destination of arrival and an excellent transfer point for travelers arriving by private jet or commercial airplane lines.
Eight operators of airport services, Paris-Le Bourget airport of business.

The Toulouse-Blagnac is located just minutes from downtown Toulouse

As main attraction, Toulouse Airport offers easy access to the ski slopes of the Pyrenees and southern Europe. With companies like Airbus, Thales and CNES, Toulouse is the center of aeronautics and space in France and in Europe, the perfect venue for any aviation fan.
It is also a busy airport in the south of France, including flights to Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

Annecy is the most connected to Europe Airport

Annecy, the closest Swiss airport with easy access to the Swiss Confederation.
It is also a gateway to the small airports in the Alps such as Courchevel.

The airport of Cannes, only to VIPs

Cannes airport reserved for private jets, allowing a warm, quiet and confidential environment for its passengers.

The service is fast and efficient in Cannes, time taxi transfer to the private jet is measured in minutes, and will also have the opportunity to take a helicopter for transport.

From the point of view of the pilot, landing is lovely, enjoying fabulous scenery of the Bay of St. Tropez and the bay of Cannes.

Calvi Airport not far behind

The Island of Beauty is a perfect holiday destination, and northern Corsica is impressive both for its landscapes and its heritage. Calvi The view is excellent, especially the contrast between the turquoise water and the fortifications of the city.

Calvi port is also a starting point often used to cruise travel in the Mediterranean.

The airport of Pointe-à-Pitre is a large modern building in the middle of a green field surrounded by water

With its tall buildings and palm trees, Pointe-à-Pitre is the gateway to the French Antilles.

The French overseas departments located in the Caribbean are among the main tourist destinations in the winter.




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