Eating on the plane is commonplace if you are traveling on a medium or long-term basis. Next, let’s talk about some things you may not know about this. Some doubts are very widespread and it is necessary to talk about this topic.

A doubt that all the passengers of a flight have is if they can bill their own food as carry-on luggage and thus be able to eat on the plane. For health reasons should not be possible, since the food served on the aircraft meets special conservation standards. They are prepared and packaged in a vacuum and refrigerated. They prevent it from getting into bad condition and that microorganisms are spread. Once inside the airplane they are cooked in special ovens of dry heat.

In spite of this, it is usually possible to bring your own food if you make a trip within the European Union. However, on intercontinental flights this is more complicated, there are laws that are different from those in Europe and you can have some inconvenience.

Continuing with the topic of health. If you need a special diet to be celiac, lactose intolerant or simply vegan or vegetarian, you should contact the airline in order to solve the problem in advance. From getting you a special menu to being able to bring your menu from home.

In other cases, they include breakfast or lunch to avoid health problems during the trip. Remember that it is best to make light meals, watch what you eat both before and during the flight. Avoid alcoholic beverages and eat from time to time, among other things. In another article we talked about that food is crucial to alleviate diseases such as “tourist class syndrome.”

On the other hand, there is the price of food offered by airlines. Some companies continue to include food in the price of the ticket under conditions. For example, do not exceed 3 hours of flight. But big airlines usually charge food separately.

It should be noted that these conditions depend on the company. Each one has its own rules and offers. There are flights where airlines offer a sandwich and a drink, in case it is a short flight. If it is an average flight, add another snack. Finally, if it is a long flight, something else is added. Coffee, juice, nuts or similar.

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