Heat is already a co-routines in the day in Alicante. Where the summer is already living with us. To adapt to this era where travel and getaways increase by  adults and the rest more than deserved to students after a year of effort.

Since the holiday destinations or types travel not understand ages and there are opportunities for everyone and can be very different activities you can perform in addition to the day you can be out. It is very important to know what kind of bag you used to do the role of accessory and does not become a hindrance according to different factors such as the type of transport with which you are making your trip.

We know that there are many sizes and you can find on the market from tiny to luggage capacity maxi bags, but most are between 46 and 70 centimeters from the latter measure, we consider them as suitcases to be designed for long-stay or change of residence by its large capacity and volume.


Backpack VS suitcase

What are your needs on the trip? How many days will you be away?  What time you travel? All these questions and some more need to decide before traveling to choose a good format. Backpacks are functional, not billed (like small suitcases) but want mobility to take them back. If you’re traveling for a few days can become the best option. If instead you are traveling with friends but also for a few days you can distribute the weight in a small suitcase and a backpack that will be able to use the excursions you do or travel to your destination. If you want to bring some food, drinks and any personal things as phones, wallets etc. If you like travel “backpacker” you do not need us to tell you how practical that can become a backpack.

If your trip is several days, fortnight vacation, traveling on a household where there are children or very wide, the backpack is not what you need, for that you need a good suitcase.


Rigid VS Soft

The panniers are ideal when leaving because the content will not suffer to the procedures of the companies to invoice them, indeed, if your return you bring a gift for your loved ones should not be exposed to any shocks or friction will also become your greatest ally to preserve the integrity of the article, but of course, you earn benefits have resulted in increased weight compared to other options.

Soft luggage instead lose “security” but gain in handling and its weight is usually lower than the rigid. Given its characteristics. is easier to carry bulky items because the fabric adapts to the content can get “more in less” folding all the clothes carefully and placing it possible to cover the entire space can be surprised at all you can carry. In addition, this type of bags can be larger measures allowing the airline as hand luggage, because if it is not filled the bulkier things that can be worn before boarding the plane, you can make this kind of suitcase magic trick for your paperwork at the airport.


With wheels VS without wheels

One of the star inventions of the human species, the wheel. Something as simple, as assimilated and familiar that we forget the progress that meant, but nevertheless did not pack so soon. It is now that is pretty much a must-have accessory if you go to buy a suitcase by the large energy savings obtained and granted easy handling, make this part a very easy question to answer.

Luggage stops being a burden to them.

Rigid suitcases without wheels are an extra weight will slow when you walk inside the terminal, will take on a more complicated form of public transport and why not say it is an outdated format. Furthermore, the use of soft bags without wheels has been almost exclusively dedicated sports fabrics inside which allow breathing through the wet clothes being transported during short periods of transportation.


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