This is a question that often comes to mind of many fans of flying: “A ticket on a private jet can be in the same price than a normal airplane ticket?
To which we reply: “Not often, but sometimes.”

Keep in mind, however, it is rare that passengers who opt for private aviation seek savings. For most it means more flexibility, saving time, space, comfort and privacy protection .
For all these reasons, the private jet is preferred by people with high purchasing the supply of scheduled airlines. However, in some circumstances, it may actually be cheaper to opt for a private jet.

Indeed, although the total cost of a private jet is usually higher, many people are surprised cost per person compared to a conventional ticket. Sometimes the price of a private jet is close to that of a first class ticket or a flight with a low cost carrier.

When renting a private jet, the price shown is always given in the form of capital. The cost per passenger of a flight depends on the number of persons on board. If all seats are occupied almost obviously it is less than the cost of one person traveling alone.

Here are some concrete examples in which both offers are comparable:



Many routes can not be done without at least a scale, which significantly increases the total cost of the journey by air.
Conversely, a private jet can make flights as they can travel directly between two airports of departure and arrival points. Therefore, the flight may be cheaper and the traveler saves time by avoiding one or more stops.


Private sections “Ultra First Class” is a new offer proposed by the airlines to compete wit It offers the possibility to organize your schedule. Even the most exclusive airlines imposed strict schedules, carrying passengers in large aircraft, and only to and from busy airports.

The main advantage of private aviation is their ability to travel at your convenience, in addition to the tranquility and discretion. Everything is a la carte: schedules, routes, flight entertainment, catering, etc.



Among the best tips to reduce the price of a private flight, find an empty flight it is one of the most effective.

The price of empty flights usually cheaper than regular tickets on an airline, but keep in mind that such flights often have harsh restrictions on times and availability. To benefit from them, it is advisable to have a flexible work schedule.

Most flights  empty trips exist only for one direction and therefore generally must be combined with regular flights to allow the passenger to return to the starting point.

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